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Course Overview
In World History I students will understand the development of world civilizations from the prehistoric era to 1500 A.D. Emphasis is placed on Egyptian, Greek, Roman, and Asian cultural and geo-political contributions. Students will acquire an appreciation of the world's major religions. This course is an excellent precursor for World History II.

Course Syllabus:

Weekly Topics of Study:

World History Year Long Daily Assignments Click Here

Daily Assignments:
Aug 09 - Review classroom procedures, distribute textbooks with syllabus, and participate in the Human Scavenger Hunt.
Aug 10 - Join into groups and investigate the Sam Smiley case.
Aug 11 - Join into pairs and work on the It's In the Garbage activity.

Aug 14 - Complete the Otzi The Iceman Investigation and create iPhone Apps that would aide the survival of a caveman.
Aug 15 - Play 3rd World Farmer in the computer lab.
Aug 16 - Finish the Civilizations Develop Around the World handout.
Aug 17 - Create a toy that could have been used by children from the Neolithic Age.
Aug 18 - Complete the River Valley Civilizations map

Aug 21 - Write your name and 5 sentences in cuneiform.
Aug 22 - Work on The Timeline Assignment.
Aug 23 - Complete the Ancient Egypt mapping activity.
Aug 24 - Play Mummy Maker, Pyramid Builder, Escape from the Mummy's Tomb , Death in Sakkara, Pharaohs Tomband Three Pyramids .
Aug 25 - Work on the Test #1 study guide.

Aug 28 - Write sentences in Hieroglyphics.
Aug 29 - Complete the Test #1 study guide.
Aug 30 - Take Test #1 and complete the Chapter 2 Walkthru.
Aug 31 - Create a Facebook Account for a person from Chapter 1 or 2.
Sep 01 - Design and create a Phoenician boat.

Sep 04 - School closed due to Labor Day.
Sep 05 - Take Test #2.
Sep 06 - Play the Indus Valley Trader Game
Sep 07 - Create a travel brochure to attract settlers into the Indus River Valley.
Sep 08 - Join into teams and play the Hinduism game.

Sep 11 - View Flight 93 and answer questions pertaining to the movie.
Sep 12 - Complete the Chapter 3 walk thru on India and China.
Sep 13 - Create a Silk Road T-shirt.
Sep 14 - Participate in a Chinese inventions gallery walk.
Sep 15 - None. School day at the fair.

Sep 18 - Complete the Confucianism, Taoism and Legalism notes handout.
Sep 19 - Finish the Test #3 study guide.
Sep 20 - Take Test #3 on ancient India and China.
Sep 21 - View scenes from Mulan.
Sep 22 - Work on the Greece Chapter 4 Walkthru.

Sep 25 - Join into teams and participate in the Olympics.
Sep 26 - Finish competing in the Olympics.
Sep 27 - Play Olympians, Warriors, Achilles, Achilles 2 and Helios in the lab.
Sep 28 - Join into teams and play the Greek War game.
Sep 29 - Create a mannequin for a Spartan warrior or an Athenian citizen.

Oct 02 - Complete the Ancient Greece test study guide.
Oct 03 - Take Test #4 on Ancient Greece.
Oct 04 - Work on the Map Exercise: Ancient Rome activity.
Oct 05 - Finish the Rome Chapter Walkthru handout.
Oct 06 - Complete the Crosswits: Ancient Rome handout.

Oct 09 - Design a Roman gladiator that will fight against a classmate's gladiator.
Oct 10 - Work on the Ancient Rome test study guide.
Oct 11 - Take Test #5 on Ancient Rome.
Oct 12 - Join into teams and play the Byzantine Empire game.
Oct 13 - Create a mosaic. Play Gladiator , Dressed to Kill, Death in Rome, Gladiator Arena, Roads of Rome

Oct 16 - Finish the Byzantine Empire & Russia open notes test.
Oct 17 - Identify important locations to the religion of Islam on an outline map.
Oct 18 - Design and create an Islamic prayer rug.
Oct 19 - Play Hunt for the Noor Stone
Oct 20 - Fill in the Review of Religions chart.

Oct 23 - Work on the Islam test study guide.
Oct 24 - Take the Islam test.
Oct 25 - Complete the Map Exercise: The Growth of Towns handout.
Oct 26 - Create an illustrated timeline of 15 events from the Middle Ages.
Oct 27 - Fill out a "Be the Thing" graphic organizer for a castle.

Oct 30 - Create a Middle Ages Coat of Arms.
Oct 31 - Work on the Chapters 9 & 10 test study guide.
Nov 01 - Take a test on the Middle Ages.
Nov 02 - View Man Vs Wild and record observations about the geography of Africa.
Nov 03 - Play Mighty Knight, Kingdom Rush, Knight Invaders, Chops Away, and Arrow.

Nov 06 - Join into teams and play the Game of the Crusades.
Nov 07 - Work on the Black Death Mystery Lab.
Nov 08 - Join into teams and play the Feudalism board game.
Nov 09 - Participate in the Aztec, Maya, and Inca memory game.
Nov 10 - Complete the open book test on Africa, Japan and the Americas.

Nov 13 - Create an illustrated & annotated time line of inventions from the Renaissance.
Nov 14 - Work on the Da Vinci's Notebook activity.
Nov 15 - Complete the Renaissance test study guide.
Nov 16- Take the Renaissance test.
Nov 17 - School is closed for Spring Break.

Nov 20 - School is closed for Spring Break.
Nov 21 - Complete the WHI.2 & WHI.3 SOL practice quizzes.
Nov 22 - Complete the WHI.4 & WHI.5 SOL practice quizzes.
Nov 23 - Complete the WHI.6 & WHI.7 SOL practice quizzes.
Nov 24 - Complete the WHI.8 & WHI.9 SOL practice quizzes.

Nov 27 - Complete the WHI.10 & WHI.11 SOL practice quizzes.
Nov 28 - Complete the WHI.12 & WHI.13 SOL practice quizzes.
Nov 29 - Review the World History I SOL Picture Review.
Nov 30 - Take the World History I SOL Test.
Dec 01 - Participate in a Digital Breakout game on the Renaissance.

Dec 04 - Begin working on the A to Z Booklet.
Dec 05 - Continue working on the A to Z Booklet.
Dec 06 - Continue working on the A to Z Booklet.
Dec 07 - Continue working on the A to Z Booklet.
Dec 08 - Finish working on the A to Z Booklet.

Dec 11 - Create a WTWL board.
Dec 12 - Continue creating a WTWL Board.
Dec 13 - Continue creating a WTWL Board.
Dec 14 - Continue creating a WTWL Board.
Dec 15 - Finish the WTWL Board.

Dec 18 - Create a Facebook Account for a person from World History.
Dec 19 - Continue the Facebook project.

Mr. Beverly's 2017 schedule:
1st period - World History I
2nd period - World History I Honors
3rd period - A.P. Government
4th period - Administration
5th period - Planning

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